Watch: Rocky River sisters board unique school bus on first day of school


ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WJW) – It wasn’t a typical first day of school for the Roth family of Rocky River.

Allison Roth, 7, was on a zoom call with her second-grade class in the dining room, while sister Evelyn, 5, sat at a separate desk for her Kindergarten class in the family room.

But its how they ‘started’ their day, that makes this scene even more special.

Mom Audrey Roth says, “I wanted to make the first day fun for them and thought, what can we do. I wracked my brain, saw a picture online and thought of a back to school bus for pictures.”

Audrey tweeted a video of her girls pretending to leave for school.

Audrey gave her father two pieces of wood from the garage and some spray-paint and he put his creative juices to work.

Six hours later, this cardboard, cut-out school bus was ready to roll.

“They wanted to take so many pictures. It’s been so much fun walking around the neighborhood and sharing the bus with everybody,” said Audrey.

Allison added, “We got in it. And then we pretended to go to school.”

With Goldwood Primary School, where the girls attend, announcing families would have to start the year remotely, Audrey knew she wanted to crated a space for the girl to continue to learn and thrive … no matter the circumstances.

“I was nervous,” Audrey says. “How are they gonna learn. Is it going to be too noisy. What am I gonna do with my 4-year old whose not in school yet. Are they gonna be engaged enough to want to learn while sitting at a desk.”

So for now, the cardboard school bus sits outside the home, waiting for the girls to hop on once again.

The family says they will use it for at least the first couple of weeks of school.

“…just to kind of set the schedule and get them excited to turn on the computer,” Audrey says.

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