Medina police asking for help in burglary investigation; arrests made


MEDINA, Ohio (WJW) — Medina police are asking for help in an investigation after they arrested two suspects for alleged burglaries that happened last week.

On March 31, officers say they responded to several calls late in the evening with reports of suspects on resident’s back porches trying to get into their homes in the 900 block of Brandywine Drive.

According to police, several residents have footage of the suspects on their property and police were able to identify the suspects.

In a Facebook post, police say Justin Cain is charged with burglary and is currently in Medina County Jail. Police say the juvenile suspect will be charged, too.

After getting a search warrant, police say they arrested Cain and he admitted to his part in the burglary and attempted burglaries.

Police are asking anyone who resides in the area of Brandywine Drive and experienced theft from your vehicle or an attempted break-in of your residence on March 31st, please contact Medina Police Department at 330-725-7777 to file a report.


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