Three charged with attempted murder after carjacking at Hendersonville recreation area


HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two teens are among three people charged with attempted murder, following a carjacking at a popular Hendersonville recreation area Sunday afternoon.

Investigators said the suspects fired a shot at the victim before taking off in the victims car at Lock 3 recreation area. 

Hendersonville police told News 2 an online drug deal meet up took a turn for the worse, leaving neighbors in disbelief. 

“Honestly… I think it’s more just shock and confusion I’d say, more than concern. It’s really just disbelief. I couldn’t imagine something like that would happen here,” Justin Vodoor told News 2. 

The recreation area is a daily stop for Vodoor… who lives about a mile away. 

“It’s just super quaint. It’s not crowded at all, usually there’s like a few people there at most. Families are there, you know people are usually fishing or just hanging out getting some rest and relaxation, because it’s actually quiet over there there’s really not much going on,” he explained. 

However, that wasn’t the case Sunday afternoon. Hendersonville police said the suspects and the victim didn’t know each other, but made plans through social media for a drug deal. Investigators state the victim was a robbery target as the group met on Lock Three Access Road. 

Officers arrested three suspects, 22-year-old Khaaliqu Lynn, as well as two boys, ages 15 and 17.

“That’s always a shame no matter what the age is, but it’s always more of a shame when you have younger people be implicated in something like this,” said Vodoor. 

The arrests re-assuring for neighbors in the peaceful area. 

“I still feel comfortable in this area you know. It doesn’t really feel like I’m in danger or anything like that so I’m going to continue to do my daily walks that I do around here and hopefully nothing else happens around here,” he said. 

Police recovered the stolen Chevrolet Malibu on Monday at an apartment complex in Nashville. 

This is a developing story. Stay with News 2 and for updates.

All three suspects are charged with attempted first-degree murder and carjacking. Lynn is jailed in Sumner County, while the two underage suspects are in the Sumner County Juvenile Detention Center.


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