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Biden election success ‘not statistically impossible, but statistically IMPLAUSIBLE,’ pollster says


Patrick Basham, founder of research organization the Democracy Institute, broke down the “implausibility” of Joe Biden’s presumed presidential victory for Fox News, as Donald Trump continues to insist there’s “no way” he lost.

Joe Biden’s apparent victory over the incumbent Trump is “statistically implausible,” Basham told Mark Levin on Sunday night during ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’, describing a lot of processes that went against all expectations during the elections.

He says that the Democrat defied the “non-polling metrics,” which Basham claims have “a 100 percent accuracy rate,” including “how the candidates did in their respective presidential primaries, the number of individual donations, [and] how much enthusiasm each candidate generated in the opinion polls.”

Trump, who with over 74 million votes is considered to have the second-best performance of any candidate in history (as Biden is said to have over 80 million), has alleged that fraudulent ballots in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Georgia led to Biden’s apparent victory. Basham cited a “historically low ballot rejection rate” as a possible factor behind the president losing reelection.

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“Rejection rates, which in the primaries earlier this year were well into the double-digits and which historically have often been very, very high in these key swing states, or at least in the key swing counties, we’re seeing rejection rates of less than one percent, often very close to to zero,” he said.

With a major increase in absentee ballots due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is “implausible,” based on voter experience in the area, that so few ballots would be rejected, Basham theorized. 

Also shedding a questionable light on Biden’s victory, the pollster added, is Trump’s own performance, which was unusually strong for an incumbent candidate.

“If you look at the results, you see how Donald Trump improved his national performance over 2016 by almost 20 percent,” he said. “No incumbent president has ever lost a reelection bid if he’s increased his votes [total]. Obama went down by three and a half million votes between 2008 and 2012, but still won comfortably.”

President Trump reacted to Basham’s Fox segment, seemingly citing it as further ‘evidence’ of his supposed win.

“So true!” he tweeted. “No way we lost this election!”


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 7, 2020

While Trump continues to pursue legal avenues to have various states’ vote certifications overturned, the Electoral College will officially vote and is expected to certify Biden’s victory on December 14. 

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Black Michigan lawmaker posts voicemails of lynching threats in wake of election hearing


Many threats have been received by Democratic and Republican lawmakers in Michigan, as Trump allies argue widespread fraud led to a stolen election there.


Mohamed bin Zayed receives Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs of Indonesia


ABU DHABI, 7th December 2020 (WAM) – His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, received on Monday Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs of Indonesia, who is currently visiting the UAE.

During the meeting, held at Al Shati Palace in Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed and Pandjaitan discussed ways to enhance bilateral relations and to promote cooperation in the maritime, investment and economic fields between the two counties.

They exchanged views on a number of issues of mutual interest.

Pandjaitan conveyed greetings of Indonesian President Joko Widodo to President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and his wishes of further progress and prosperity to the UAE.

He also conveyed the Indonesian President’s thanks to Sheikh Mohamed for his initiative to build a mosque named after his name in Diplomatic Area of Abu Dhabi to rename Al Ma’arid Street, one of the capital’s key roads, in honour of the Indonesian President.

Sheikh Mohamed asked the Indonesian Minister to pass on his greetings to President Widodo and his best wishes to the people of Indonesia.

The meeting was attended by Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Industry, Mohammed Mubarak Al Mazrouei, Under-secretary of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court and members of the delegation accompanying the Indonesian Minister.

ASPIRE partners with XPRIZE ‘Feed the Next Billion’ international competition


ABU DHABI, 7TH December 2020 (WAM) – ASPIRE, the newly established dedicated technology programme management pillar of Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), today announced that it is partnering with U.S.-based non-profit organisation XPRIZE on “XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion” competition, a four-year international competition that aims to revolutionise the global food supply chain and its impact on communities around the world.
ASPIRE is partnering with the XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion competition that seeks to find innovative ways to provide sufficient and nutritious food to feed the next billion people on the planet, through a four-year $15 million competition that challenges teams of global innovators to develop chicken and fish alternatives. The aim of the global competition – launched in the United States but taking place globally, including in the United Arab Emirates – is to ensure the world’s growing population will have access to nutritious, quality food to fuel active and healthy lives.
ATRC’s ASPIRE liaises with cross-sector industry stakeholders and research institutes to frame problem statements. It also serves as a programme manager across R&D projects, making impactful decisions related to the selection of research partners and the allocation of funding, and it launches international competitions and grand challenges that bring together innovators to address pressing global problems.
As part of its grand challenges mandate, ASPIRE will launch or partner with local and international competitions for transformational technology outcomes. Among these competitions is the Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC), the US $5-million biennial international robotics contest.
Speaking on the announcement of ASPIRE’s support to XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion and emphasising the significance of the competition, Faisal Al Bannai, Secretary-General of Advanced Technology Research Council, which oversees ASPIRE, said: “Even though it seems like a formidable challenge global hunger is one of the most solvable problems in today’s society. With XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion, we have a unique opportunity to enable innovators to develop solutions that improve yield, productivity and sustainability across the entire global food ecosystem. Abu Dhabi has been instrumental in developing the global food security ecosystem, and we are continuously uncovering cutting-edge agriculture solutions that will shape the future of food production. Through our partnership with XPRIZE, we seek to unearth new technologies that will become solutions for all, helping people around the world access safe, sufficient and affordable food. We’re excited to bring together top international talent and global innovators to develop solutions to answer one of the world’s most critical challenges.”
XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion is funded by Ghadan 21, Abu Dhabi’s accelerator programme, which is driving the emirate’s development through investing in business, innovation and people.
XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion will ask the winning teams to develop an environmentally conscious meat alternative that replicates everything about fish or chicken fillet, from the look and taste to smell, feel, and cooking behaviour. The competing teams must show that their product output is scalable for global distribution.
“Billions of individuals do and will desire higher quality protein as a food source, but the earth is incapable of providing this with traditional livestock. A much more sustainable, scalable methodology is required,” said XPRIZE Founder Peter H. Diamandis, MD.
“XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion seeks to create poultry and fish that is affordable, sustainable, more nutritious, and a lower cost than mechanisms now in place. We believe hundreds of entrepreneurs will focus on driving breakthroughs in this critical and important area to help feed the world.”
The competition is also supported by The Tony Robbins Foundation, a US-based non-profit organisation which helps provide millions of meals globally each year and awards grants and other resources to health and human services organisations, among other initiatives.
“In 2018, I suggested that XPRIZE run a competition to end global hunger, an issue that will only be magnified as the population continues to grow,” said Tony Robbins, the United States’ number one life and business coach and founder of The Tony Robbins Foundation. “With XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion, we are taking it a step further, rethinking how and where food is produced, and finding a new way to provide plentiful, sustainable and nutritious food to the next billion people on the planet.”
In addition to ASPIRE and The Tony Robbins Foundation, XPRIZE will be working with The Good Food Institute, an international nonprofit focused on meat and plant-based alternatives, which will act as a team success partner throughout the competition.
Registration kicks off today and will run through April 28, 2021. Grand Prize Winners will be announced in 2024. To learn more about XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion, visit xprize.org/feed.

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority signs partnership agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to bring benefits to government entities


DUBAI, 7th December 2020 (WAM) – The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), the government entity leading the digital transformation in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to maximize the value of services provided by the company to government entities in Abu Dhabi.
The agreement, which was signed during GITEX Technology Week, is part of ADDA’s efforts aimed at leading the digital future of Abu Dhabi government and supporting digital transformation in the emirate by using the latest technologies, defining strategies, policies and standards, and developing digital infrastructure in partnership with the private and public sectors to enhance the effectiveness of government performance.
The agreement is aimed at facilitating the utilization of applications and advanced solutions provided by HPE to government entities, maximizing the value of services provided to these entities, and providing support through HPE to Abu Dhabi’s government entities’ employees in many fields including, skills training, expertise and more.
Commenting on this cooperation, Engineer Mohamed Abdel Hameed Al Askar, Director-General of ADDA, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with HPE, which comes in line with ADDA’s vision for leading the digital future of Abu Dhabi and strengthening cooperation between government entities and strategic partners to promote innovation in various areas of government services.
“ADDA is keen on consolidating relations between the public and private sectors and working with strategic partners, such as HPE. This cooperation contributes to supporting the authority’s efforts to lead the digital future of Abu Dhabi by supporting government partners to provide services and develop work systems in order to enrich the quality of life and increase growth opportunities for business and individuals,” Al Askar added.
Ahmad Alkhallafi, Managing Director, HPE UAE, added his comments, saying: “Our longstanding partnership with ADDA continues to grow from strength-to-strength. We are excited to be part of Abu Dhabi’s digitalization journey by bolstering local skills and expertise, as well as providing tailored technological solutions. ADDA is implementing some of the most advanced digital transformation initiatives in the world to deliver advanced public services to its citizens, and we are proud to be working with them on this ambitious drive.”
ADDA is committed to establishing partnerships with leading private sector and IT companies in line with the Abu Dhabi government strategic vision for building an ecosystem that aims to not only improve the efficiency of the government work system, but also the level of services provided to the customers by harnessing the latest technologies and digital solutions to serve the community.

Chicago Teachers Union forced to backpedal after claiming push to reopen schools ‘rooted in sexism’


The Chicago Teachers Union has revised its position on reopening schools amid the coronavirus pandemic, after Twitter mocked the organization for appearing to argue that anyone who supports the idea is a woman-hating bigot.

The union, which represents 28,000 educators working in Illinois city, left little room for misunderstanding when it wrote in a now-deleted tweet: “The push to reopen schools is rooted in sexism, racism and misogyny.”

.@CTULocal1 deleted their tweet. pic.twitter.com/YpPKdhOCzb

— Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) December 6, 2020

The organization didn’t elaborate on its provocative statement, but the one-line zinger quickly spread across Twitter, catching the attention of woke warriors and anti-PC crusaders alike. 

Grant Addison, the deputy editor of the DC Examiner, quipped that the puzzling outburst suggests that the teacher’s union probably doesn’t enjoy teaching that much. 

Some people really don’t like doing their jobs https://t.co/VRVtpcvuX6

— Grant Addison (@jgrantaddison) December 6, 2020

Similar replies said that the push to keep schools closed in the city was likely motivated by “laziness and self-interest.”

We need to point out the problem here. These teachers like being in PJs all day long more than they love their profession.

— Beatrice Cardenas (@RealBetyCardens) December 7, 2020

Not everyone jeered the union’s theory, however. One Twitter user suggested that the debate about reopening schools was steeped in “white supremacy.”

Facing considerable backlash, the union eventually removed the divisive tweet, and acknowledged in a follow-up message that the topic requires “nuance.”

It’s still unclear what the union meant by its original tweet. According to some reports, the pitfalls of remote learning hurts minority children the most and will further worsen racial and economic inequality. 

Fair enough. Complex issue. Requires nuance. And much more discussion. More important, the people the decision affects deserve more. So we’ll continue give them that.

Appreciate the feedback of those truly in the struggle.

— ChicagoTeachersUnion (@CTULocal1) December 6, 2020

Shuttering schools and turning to online learning has been one of the most controversial Covid-19 measures to be adopted by governments around the world. While some have argued schools should stay closed, many health experts have argued that the social benefits of keeping schools open far outweigh any potential risks of transmission. 

Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said last week that he advocated for in-person learning, citing evidence that schools aren’t a major spreader of the virus. 

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$88,000 purse? Cardi B apologizes & shows proof of charity donations to try justify purchase to outraged Twitter mob


Cardi B caused quite a stir when she asked her Twitter followers if she should buy a purse worth $88,000. The rapper was forced to apologize and even justify the purchase by showing receipts of her charity donations.

“Should I spend 88K for this damn purse? … It’s tempting,” the notorious ‘WAP’ singer tweeted on Sunday.

Should I spend 88K for this damn purse ? Omggg it’s tempting 😩😩😩

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) December 6, 2020

The seemingly innocuous post by a $24-million-worth star immediately prompted some fierce backlash. Thousands of Twitter users flocked to Cardi B’s comment section to chastise her for being “tone deaf” in the middle of a pandemic and an economic crisis.

Users urged the rapper to donate the hefty some to charity and aired personal financial grievances. “You’re talking about an 88k purse when I can’t afford my meds, a name change, or a new pair of pants,” one person wrote. “88k would change my entire life,” echoed another.

Good lord she’s become so tone deaf. Is she taking over for Kim Kardashian? @iamcardib we are in the middle of a pandemic. People can’t pay their mortgages and are losing their businesses but please ask us our opinion on a purse that could pay off my student loan debt 🤦🏻‍♀️

— Emme (@Emme52294) December 7, 2020

Fam you’re talking about an 88k purse when I can’t afford my meds, a name change, or a new pair of pants.

Are you fr?

I’m selling my titties to buy homeless people soup and letting my account sit at zero while you have enough money to buy a mobile home in cash.

I’m ill. pic.twitter.com/xNACAI4ID6

— Vex 🔞 Riotwitch, check pin ❤️ (@StarlitSanctity) December 7, 2020

Donate 88k to a charity for people that need help right now….u know the people that buy your music to perhaps get thru these shitty time’s…idk jus sayin….

— Todd (@Todd36645766) December 6, 2020

bro 88k would change my entire life rn pic.twitter.com/8HyRSCV9a7

— Marcus (@STOPFLEXIN) December 6, 2020

The reaction to the post was so overwhelming and hostile that Cardi B decided to try and justify her spending habits by showing off headlines of her donating to Covid-19 relief funds and doing other charitable work. The star even offered to match her commenters’ donations to their charities of choice.

Furthermore, the rapper had to explain that the current troubled times that her commenters were tweeting about were also hard for her extended family, whom the Afro-Latina nouveau riche has been sponsoring.

Facts https://t.co/LNIG0iAnss

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) December 7, 2020

Also I donated a million dollars to fans thru cashapp 2 months ago https://t.co/XF9sAjWIuz

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) December 6, 2020

Wait also …. https://t.co/9LpZEMQXNv pic.twitter.com/o3PQvBiZs5

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) December 6, 2020

However, despite apparently being pressured to respond to her critics, Cardi B did not seem to be intimidated by Twitter’s thousands-strong ‘woke army’, but rather openly angry at it. “Ok guys I apologize. There you happy?!” she tweeted before joking that the same mob doesn’t seem to go after America’s sitting billionaire president.

Cardi B’s interaction with thousands of her followers quickly turned spiteful. Notably, it ended exactly the same way. “So do ya want me to show ya the purse?” she tweeted, apparently having bought it.

Sooooooo……do ya want me to show ya the purse ? 😩😂😂

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) December 7, 2020

Perhaps ironically, the rapper might be considered one of the more left-leaning US celebrities. She has been a vocal supporter of Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential runs both in 2016 and 2020. It is unknown how Cardi B’s politics reconcile with her spending habits as Sanders is a known critic of overly expensive apparel.

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Did a mountain lion kill a Texas man? Medical examiner and wildlife officials disagree.


A Texas medical examiner said Christopher Allen Whiteley was killed by a wild animal, possibly a mountain lion. State wildlife officials disagree.


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A professional aviation photographer went all out to commemorate the final flight of the Southwest Airlines pilot who helped launch his career.


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